India to investigate Walmart

Walmart FraudtodayThe government announced an inquiry into lobbying practices by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. on Wednesday after a report that the giant retailer had pressed U.S. lawmakers to help gain access to foreign markets. Zee News

From Enron to Walmart

If politicians are being paid off to allow Wal-Mart in, as the BJP insinuates today, it is of course scandalous. But even when there is no proof of such payoffs, it is easy to believe the worst about the Wal-Marts of the world because virtually every pillar of society – from politicians to corporate houses to lobbyists to the media – has allowed itself to become a player in the business of lobbying. First Post

Walmart related to Tazreen Garment, Bangladesh

Tazreen garment factory in Bangladeshwhere 112 workers died in a fire two weeks ago indicate that not one but two American apparel makers supplying goods for Walmart were using the factory around the time of the fire. New York Times

US defends Walmart

Amid controversy over reports that Walmart spent nearly Rs. 125 crore for lobbying with legislators to get access to the Indian market, the U.S. has said the global retail giant did not violate any American law as far as the matter is concerned.The Hindu

712391-Chaitanya DamleWalmart Story – Exposing Lacunae in Retail Policies

This Cedar investment is now the focus of an investigation by India’s financial crimes watchdog into whether Wal-Mart broke foreign direct investment rules by putting money into a retailer before the government threw open the sector to global players. Fraudtoday

Walmart takes up over 80 issues in 9 categories for lobbying

Global retail giant Walmart over the past five years has taken up as many as 80 issues in nine different categories for lobbying before the US lawmakers, the company has disclosed in its quarterly report before the US House of Representatives and the Senate. Hindustan Times

Lobbying is Legal in USA

Lobbying is legal in the United States. Though subject to extensive and often complex rules, it is considered part of free speech protected by the US Constitution. Controversial because many believe that lobbying firms may have too much say in the corridors of power in Washington, it is also considered essential to the proper functioning of the US government.

Lobbying amounts to Soft Bribe in India

“Lobbying is not legal in India. It actually amounts to soft bribe. If Walmart can make a disclosure in the US Senate, there is nothing that should prevent the government from making public as to who were the recipients of this money. DNA

KPMG and Deloitte Working on Walmart Investigations

The world’s largest retailer also outlined the high-profile lawyers, law firms and accountants helping with its ongoing investigation into the matter and its worldwide review of compliance. Reuters

Bharti-Walmart CFO suspended

On the eve of India’s parliament meeting to discuss a hotly-debated plan to allow foreign companies to hold majority shares of retail stores there, Bharti Wal-Mart announced the suspension of its chief financial officer in India, Pankaj Madan, amidst an internal investigation into corrupt business practices. Times of India